Welcome to the Sherard Elementary School Library



Mission Statement

The mission of Sherard Elementary School Library is to assist in providing a quality education for every child by:

 Encouraging lifelong information literacy and learning through reading and inquiry.

 Providing an inviting, dynamic environment in which students and staff become learners capable of accessing, evaluating, applying, and sharing information independently.

 Providing real and virtual access to appropriate, high-quality resources (print/non-print and digital formats) and services that support and enhance teaching, literacy, and learning during and outside the school day.

 Participating in curriculum development and design of learning activities.

 Facilitating professional development for the learning community.


Vision Statement

The mission of the Sherard Elementary School Library is to facilitate a love of reading in every student as well as support teachers’ instructional goals through the acquisition of appropriate materials


Statement of Philosophy

The philosophy of the Sherard Elementary School Library is that reading is the way to transform lives through the acquisition of information. Through the library, students can gain everything necessary to achieve their goals and transform their lives and those of their family. Therefore, our library strives to provide up-to-date, relevant books, digital media, and other materials that will foster a climate of exploration and freedom. Materials will be selected that best suit the instructional goals of the school as well as the desires of students. Books will not be removed on unselected based on race, religion, gender, etc.

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